Infinite by Forever SkinCare Review

Our Infinite by Forever advanced skincare system combines pure Aloe Vera with natural and scientifically advanced ingredients to bring you the next generation of anti-aging skincare. Target aging from the outside in with formulas to hydrate, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promote healthy collagen levels to help you look better and feel better.

Infinite by Forever is the latest Anti-aging skincare set for both men and women. The set contains four products that work together perfectly: Hydrating Cleanser, Firming Serum, Restoring Creme and Firming Complex. This powerful skincare helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and gives you a radiant, hydrated skin. It is based on Aloe Vera and is reinforced with various natural plant extracts.

Why Infinite By Forever Skincare Set?

Infinite by Forever is a new premium anti-aging skincare product launched by Forever Living Products Company.

It has gone famous and viral worldwide with the latest technology to combine a variety of natural plants, peptides, and minerals with Aloe. These not only complement it but increase its benefits.

Forever Living Products, well known as a world-leading aloe Vera provider from plant to products. The company has combined natural ingredients that work together to restore skin moisture, stimulate healthy collagen levels, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in this Forever Infinite Skin Care kit.

We know it is famous for its amazing Aloe vera-based products, and has called this new, premium anti-aging skincare range Forever by Infinite.

This new luxury range of four products includes :

1. Infinite hydrating cleanser

2. Infinite firming complex

3. Infinite firming serum

4. Infinite Restoring crème.

Infinite By Forever Reviews and Uses

Forever infinite advanced skincare kit works by providing the nutrients your body needs to build skin effectively. At the same time working on the outside to give a youthful appearance and removing external harmful agents.

Let’s dig into every single piece of forever infinite advanced skincare kit:

1. Forever Infinite Hydrating Cleanser (A Strong Foundation For The Routine):

Infinite by Forever is a fragrance-free, hydrating cleanser that harnesses the power of aloe vera, coconut and apple to melt away dirt, oil and makeup leaving behind a delicate veil of moisture for skin that feels soft and soothed.

This lightweight milk cleanser glows quickly, takes off in seconds, and nourishes your skin clean, fresh, and well.

The 2 key components of this vitamin-rich fruit: apple extract and apple amino acids to provide your skin with strong protection against the effects of aging.

 Infinite By Forever -Hydrating Cleanser

Its hypoallergenic coco fatty acids leave your face soft to the touch without making it feel dry. Just massage gently the cleanser in your face and it will wash away any traces of makeup, pollution, and oil without being too harsh or drying. 

Don’t just wash away dirt and makeup, help your skin look and feel younger to the touch while laying a strong foundation for the rest of your anti-aging routine with Infinite by Forever hydrating cleanser.


With wet fingers, softly massage upwards and outwards in circular motions towards the hair line. Rinse thoroughly for smooth, clean skin and gently pat skin dry with a towel. Use in the morning and evening for best results.

2. Forever Infinite Firming serum (For firm, smooth skin):

This potent elixir provides clear results. infinite by Forever firming serum is a lightweight and fast-absorbing serum that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while restoring skin’s natural firmness and elasticity

This clear serum is light and liquid (almost like an oil) and melts into the skin. The texture is fabulous and feels like a real treat to apply – my puffy skin drank it every night!

It targets all signs of aging with a clinically proven three-amino acid complex, increasing firmness and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It is easy to see why this little beauty recently won the Silver Award for Best New Premium Anti-Aging Skincare at the Pure Beauty Awards. For me, it is the star of the range. 

Uses trifluoracetyl tripepetide-2 to increase skin elasticity and combat damaging proteins, giving you firm skin and reduced lines and wrinkles. Formulated with natural humectants to support the aloe in soothing your skin and support collagen synthesis to give you thick, firm and smooth skin with an even tone. 

 Forever Infinite Firming Serum


Pump once and apply in quick but gentle sweeping motions over the entire face.

For best results, apply an additional pump to the neck area, sweeping upwards towards the chin for more youthful looking skin.

Use in the morning and evening after cleansing for best results.

3. Forever Infinite Restoring Crème (Over 15 ingredients working to rejuvenate parched skin):

Next, we have day cream, which comes in a delightful little pump pot.

Infinite by Forever restoring crème absorbs fast and leaves skin feeling exceptionally smooth and moisturized thanks to over 15 skin conditioning ingredients.

It combines the best of science and nature to bring you an advanced, multifaceted anti-aging formula that feels light and smooth against your skin and absorbs fast without any greasy or heavy feeling.

The use of this daily is said to strengthen the natural barrier of the skin, hydrate the porous surface, and reduce the appearance of aging. I must admit that every time I used it, my skin felt incredibly soft and velvety smooth, so it must be doing something right. 

As a finishing touch, infinite by Forever™ restoring crème seals in all of the powerful benefits to keep your skin nourished and younger looking. 

 Forever Infinite Restoring Creme


Pump once and massage gently into the face and neck in circular motions working upwards and outwards towards the hair line using this infinite cream to help skin appear rejuvenated.

Use in the morning and evening for best results.

4. Forever Infinite Firming Complex (Support anti aging from the inside):

Now, this is where this skincare kit takes an unusual turn, Beauty isn’t just skin deep. It starts with great nutrition. This beauty supplement helps target premature aging from the inside.

These small capsules combine vitamin C to promote healthy collagen production, biotin for healthy hair and skin, and marine collagen to give your skin structure and tone.

Taking collagen orally has shown to reduce the appearance in the depth of facial wrinkles and increase skin’s bounce, flexibility and hydration.

Finally, vitamin C helps reduce tiredness and fatigue as well as contributes to normal collagen formation

I can’t say that I have noticed a massive difference in my skin from taking these pills, as they are working closely with other  infinite skincare products, but it did slowly change my skin over a few months after I used it . As mentioned earlier, skin care is all about inside out, and consistency of maintaining it every day.  

 Forever Infinite Firming Complex


Take two tablets daily. For best results, consume in the morning.

Infinite By Forever Benefits:

  • Reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles and increases skin’s bounce, flexibility and hydration

  • Aids multiple body systems and supports overall energy

  • Improves the feel of skin elasticity and firmness

  • Supports healthy collagen synthesis and assists uneven skin tone

  • Cleanses skin of dirt, oil, and makeup without drying

  • Increases skin hydration Anti-aging formula supports younger-looking skin

  • Protects against the signs of aging

  • Over 15 skin conditioning ingredients

  • Features a cutting edge, clinically tested ingredient

  • Vegetarian friendly

  • Gentle, sulfate-free

  • Soothes and moisturizes

  • Gluten free

Infinite Restoring Cream Ingredients

  • Matrixyl 3000 –Quickly gaining popularity in the anti-aging skincare industry, this ingredient is thought to fight off signs by replenishing a natural peptide that triggers the production of elastin and collagen, which are essential components for delaying aging. The result? Wrinkle reduction and significantly firmer skin.

  • Argireline–Another key ingredient, Argireline, has been found to hold lifting and plumping effects on the skin, aiding in wrinkle reduction[1] for a plumper and more youthful appearance.

  • Ceramide 2 –Ceramides are often added to skincare lotions for the barrier it creates against permeability. This quality helps it lock in moisture and prevent dryness, irritation, and fine lines that often occur from environmental damage.

  • Aloe Vera –A recurring ingredient in Forever’s products,Aloe Vera[2] is used here for the moisture it provides alongside its anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. In some studies, Aloe Vera was found to help restore damaged skin quickly.

  • Panax Ginseng –Panax Ginseng is often added to skin care formulations for its high phytonutrient content. And phytonutrients are known to help brighten and tone the skin for a healthier appearance.

  • Almond oil –Almond oil is used in skin care products for its conditioning, hydrating, and nourishing effects on the skin. It is also thought to plump the skin.

  • Centipedacunninghamii –A plant native to Australia, Centipedacunninghamii is added to enhance the other vital ingredients’ benefits and improve the overall results.

  • Cucumber Extract –Cucumber extract is added in fixings for the anti-aging effects it has on the skin from the inside out. Cucumber is also known to be hydrating[3] and, therefore, essential for preventing dryness and moisture depletion.

  • Vitamin C –Another known skin-brightening and anti-aging ingredient, Vitamin C, helps to restore collagen while also eliminating dark circles, a common aging sign.

  • Other ingredients in this formulation include acai, pomegranate, vitamin B3, and beetroot, all intended to help even the skin’s texture and tone and provide the needed antioxidant support.

Infinite Restore Cream Information

When it comes to a well-rounded skin care routine, there is more than just cream that you can use to improve your skin’s quality. Don’t get us wrong, we love Infinite Restore Skin Cream, but if you want to see the best results, you need to avoid the things that are damaging your skin in the first place.

Since we want to make sure that you see the best from this product, here is a list of the most common damaging factors that you should avoid whenever possible:

1. UVA and UVB Rays

2. Stress

3. Poor Sleeping Habits

4. Greasy and Fatty Foods

5. Smoking

6. Drinking

7. Touching Your Face

Benefits of Infinite Restoring Cream

  • It is free of fragrance – unwanted scent is a common cause of many skin cosmetic-related skin issues.

  • Infinite Restore may help lessen wrinkles and fine lines.

  • It may be moisturizing and hydrating on tried and tired skin.

  • It contains mostly well-researched ingredients.

  • This skincare product is vegetarian-friendly.

  • Ingredients like Aloe Vera may be soothing on the skin.

Forever Living Infinite Restoring Cream Price in Kenya 

Forever Living Infinite Restoring Cream costs Ksh. 6705  in Kenya.You can order it online and get it delivered to your door within 48 hours. If you are within Nairobi, we will deliver it on the same day or early the next business day. 

The company policy is that if you order anything above Ksh. 6,000 we will cover the transport costs and you will only pay for the product. However, if your order is below the said limit, you will have to pay a shipping fee of no more than Ksh. 500.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to use the hydrating cleanser?

Apply a generous amount on wet fingers and work carefully with circular motions all over the face and neck. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with balancing toner and restoring crème /firming serum. Use daily morning and evening.

  • How to use firming serum?

Apply 1 to 2 pressures of serum on clean skin. Carefully massage the product on the face and neck until completely absorbed. For best results, apply another pressure of the serum on the neck, going up towards the chin. Serum is used after cleansing, but before a moisturizer for the face . Use daily morning and evening.

  • How to use the restoring crème?

Use it after applying firming serum to face and neck at night after cleansing. Massage gently with a pressure of cream on the face and throat with circular motions. Work up and out to the hairline. Can be used as a day cream but be careful with essential oils that can be photo-senbilisantes.

  • Who should use this Infinite Skin Care Kit?

Infinite advanced skin care kit is suitable for all of those who want fresh skin with a feeling of youth preserved. Here, the focus is on the anti-aging that applies to all skin types.

  • What is infinite forever?

Infinite by Forever targets aging from the inside out with a next-generation combination of nature and science. To create this line, our experts found peptides, natural minerals, botanicals, desert plants and the latest skincare science to not just complement aloe, but enhance its benefits.

  • Where can I buy Infinite Skin Care Kit in Kenya?

You can buy Forever Infinite Skin Care Kit from Forever Living KE and have it delivered to anywhere in Kenya. We normally strive to deliver products within 48 hours. If you are outside Kenya, we can also connect you FBO’s in your country who can deliver the product to you.

  • How much is Infinite Skin Care Kit by Forever in Kenya?

Forever Living Infinite Skin Care Kit costs Ksh. 20,629  in Kenya.You can order it online and get it delivered to your door within 48 hours. If you are within Nairobi, we will deliver it on the same day or early the next business day. 

  • What is CC in Forever Living?

A case credit (CC) is a value assigned to each product to calculate sales activity to determine advancements, bonuses, awards and earned incentives for a Forever Business Owner as set forth in the FLP Marketing Plan.

  • How can I place my order?

To place your order, select the item(s) that you wish to purchase and add it to your shopping cart. Then, proceed to the checkout page where you must fill in your personal information and pay for the order. Make sure to double check that you have filled in your details correctly to ensure that you receive all the necessary info and that your order is delivered without any complications.

  • When will I receive my order?

We aim to ensure that you receive your order as quickly as possible.

Once your order is successfully submitted, the warehouse then processes your order the following business day. It is then picked, packed, and dispatched. Once it is on its way to you, you will receive an email notification containing your tracking information, along with an estimated delivery date from our partner courier, UPS.

Please note that the standard delivery time of 2-3 business days are estimates and may vary depending on circumstances like distance, local holidays, and any other external factors outside of Daniel Wellington’s, and courier’s, control. Packages are not shipped nor delivered on weekends and local public holidays and may vary due to external factors outside and our courier's control.

While we always strive to have our orders delivered on time, we acknowledge that the unforeseeable is inevitable. External factors outside of Daniel Wellington’s and its courier’s control, such as extreme weather conditions and technical failures, are bound to occasionally cause delays, and we ask for your patience and understanding when they do.

Additionally, please note that during promotional campaigns, delivery times may be longer than usual.

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