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Forever Living Products Inc. is a privately owned company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company was founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan. 

Founder of Forever Living 

Rex Maughan is an American businessman. He is the  founder, president, and the Chief Executive Officer of Forever Living products.

Maughan grew interest in Aloe Vera and began  manufacturing lotions in 1978. He later expanded and bought wide expanses of land to cultivate aloe Vera which is the main ingredient in Forever Living Products.

Since then, the company has grown and today distributes aloe Vera products all over the world. For more information about the products of Forever Living, feel free to visit Forever Living Kenya shop!

Forever Living Founder Rex Maughan

Forever Living Marketing

Aloe vera gel in aloe plantation

The company implements multi-level marketing model so that the members can optimize on income. This method, has proven to withstand the test of time because it has been used since 1978. 

Normally, middle-men who exist between the manufacturer and the customer take most of the profit realized from the sales. To solve this, the company eliminated middle men by introducing only one party between the manufacturer and the customer. This is where Forever Business Owners (FBO) come in. Consequently, the forever Business Owners leverage about eighty percent of the profit realized from sales.

As a result of the successful marketing strategy, Forever Living has enabled thousands of Forever Business Owners earn Respectable living resulting from their hard work in marketing the company's products. In addition to the profit from sales, Forever Business Owners, receive massive incentives from the company. The business owners are are ranked depending on the sales and the size of the team they are able to build. This implies that the higher the rank of a business owner, the more they are able to earn. 

Forever Living products offer a repeat business model. This implies that the products can be consumed and when depleted, the client will come back to get more of the product if it works to their expectation. This means that the business is ever green because at any time, someone somewhere will require products.  Another advantage is that the profit you make from your team will stream in forever. This means as long as you have an active team below you, you will always earn commission from them. 

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Forever Living Products Company has proven to be a workable system. It provides work in a manner that you become your own boss. In this case, your income will solely depend on the effort you put into the business.  The amount of time you chose to put will all depend on you since you are the boss. 

Join today and open yourself the door to financial independence. 

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Cemir Aydin 12 February, 2021
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