Forever Women Vitality Pack
10,317.00 KSh 10,317.00 KSh 10317.0 KES
Clean 9 Pack (C9) Weight Management Package
14,669.00 KSh 14,669.00 KSh 14669.0 KES
Fit 15 Weight Management Pack
18,014.00 KSh 18,014.00 KSh 18014.0 KES
Vital 5 Pack
30,790.00 KSh 30,790.00 KSh 30790.0 KES
Touch of Forever Pack
56,802.00 KSh 56,802.00 KSh 56802.0 KES
Fast Start Combo (Mini Touch of Forever)
56,240.00 KSh 56,240.00 KSh 56240.0 KES
Turn your love of Forever’s personal care product line into a business with the Touch of Forever® mini combo Pak. We’ve included our most popular aloe-powered products so you and your customers can experience all the skin-soothing benefits.
There are enough products included to let you retail, host presentations and use the personal care items for yourself. After all, the more you use Forever products, the better you’ll become at selling them.
Infinite Skin Care Kit
20,629.00 KSh 20,629.00 KSh 20629.0 KES
You might think you know aloe, but you’ve never seen it perform like this! Infinite by Forever targets ageing from the inside out and the outside in with revolutionary formulas.