​​​​​Infinite Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit
21,661.00 KSh 21,661.00 KSh 21661.0 KES
You’ve never seen aloe work like this. Our Infinite by Forever advanced skincare system combines pure Aloe Vera with natural and scientifically advanced ingredients to bring you the next generation of anti-aging skincare. Target aging from the outside in with formulas to hydrate, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promote healthy collagen levels to help you look better and feel better.
​​​​Sonya Daily Skin Care System
10,896.00 KSh 10,896.00 KSh 10896.0 KES
The Sonya™ daily skincare system delivers aloe, moisture and botanicals deep into your skin thanks to Forever’s advanced gel-based technology.
Forever Arctic Sea: Omega-3 Fish and Calamari Oils with Olive Oil
3,833.00 KSh 3,833.00 KSh 3833.0 KES
Forever Arctic Sea features a blend of oils to provide you with a perfectly balanced omega-3 supplement. Fish, calamari and high oleic olive oil support key areas of your body, including cardiovascular, digestive, immune, brain and eye health.
​​​​Mini Combo Nutritional
32,241.00 KSh 32,241.00 KSh 32241.0 KES
A crafted selection that includes some of our most popular personal care items in full size. This pack will introduce anyone to the incredible, Aloe-rich, skin enhancing products we’ve created.
Forever ARGI+ L-Arginine and Vitamin Complex
9,681.00 KSh 9,681.00 KSh 9681.0 KES
Get the most out of your workout with ARGI+. Just add a stick packet to your favorite drink for an easy, on-the-go addition to your fitness routine.
Forever Active Pro-B Advanced Six-Strain Probiotic Formula with Zinc
4,696.00 KSh 4,696.00 KSh 4696.0 KES
Forever Active Pro-B is a pro-biotic which promotes healthy digestion, enhances nutrient absorption and supports immune function. It delivers active, healthy and beneficial bacteria, like Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, to your digestive system.
Forever Supergreens
4,921.00 KSh 4,921.00 KSh 4921.0 KES
Some days are harder than others when it comes to eating enough fruits and vegetables. When life gets in the way of your diet, you can still give your body a big boost of plant-based superfoods anytime, anywhere with Forever Supergreens.
Hydrating Serum
4,473.00 KSh 4,473.00 KSh 4473.0 KES
Forever’s hydrating serum fits perfectly into your routine to provide a powerful boost of hydration thanks to pure Aloe Vera and four types of hyaluronic acid.
Sonya Refreshing Gel Cleanser
3,004.00 KSh 3,004.00 KSh 3004.0 KES
Featuring Aloe Vera with moisturizing agents like cold-pressed Baobab oil to leave skin feeling soothed and moisturized. Rich antioxidants like apple amino acids and fruit extracts provide a thorough and gentle clean, removing dirt and makeup.
Awakening Eye Cream
2,333.00 KSh 2,333.00 KSh 2333.0 KES
Forever’s awakening eye cream combines powerful ingredients with collagen, aloe vera and peptide technology to rejuvenate and smooth the delicate eye area, visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles.
Forever Smoothing Exfoliator
2,333.00 KSh 2,333.00 KSh 2333.0 KES
Smoothing exfoliator removes dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin and smooth tone and texture. Smoothing Exfoliator uses five powerful and natural ingredients like jojoba beads that work together to provide a rejuvenating cleansing experience.
Infinite Restoring Crème
6,705.00 KSh 6,705.00 KSh 6705.0 KES
With over 15 skin-conditioning ingredients, restoring crème absorbs fast into skin to leave it feeling moisturized and smooth. Aloe, acai, pomegranate and an anti-aging essential oil blend combine to replenish and rejuvenate parched skin.
Infinite Firming Complex
5,992.00 KSh 5,992.00 KSh 5992.0 KES
Beauty isn’t just skin deep. It starts with great nutrition. Forever’s first exclusive beauty supplement helps you take control of the aging process from the inside!
Infinite Firming Serum
6,005.00 KSh 6,005.00 KSh 6005.0 KES
A clinically proven three amino acid peptide mimics the natural process of skin to increase the appearance of firmness. Clinical tests show these amino acids reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increase elasticity.
Infinite Hydrating Cleanser: Nourished, Hydration and Clean Skin
3,769.00 KSh 3,769.00 KSh 3769.0 KES
Our hydrating cleanser is packed with potent, naturally derived ingredients that increase skin hydration and gently wash away dirt and oil without drying. This mild, milky cleanser will leave your skin feeling nourished, hydrated and clean.
Aloe Jojoba Conditioning Rinse New
2,968.00 KSh 2,968.00 KSh 2968.0 KES
This lightweight formula will leave your hair softer, shinier and more manageable. Aloe-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse is fortified with vitamin B5, macadamia, jojoba and Forever Essential Oils Lavender for added shine and manageability.
Aloe Jojoba Shampoo New
2,778.00 KSh 2,778.00 KSh 2778.0 KES
Forever’s Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo soothes and moisturizes the scalp while leaving hair clean, full-bodied and manageable. Other ingredients like rosehip oil and Forever Essential Oils provide extra shine and soothe your scalp.
Forever Aloe MPD 2X Ultra All Purpose Detergent
3,164.00 KSh 3,164.00 KSh 3164.0 KES
Forever Aloe MPD is a multi-purpose, liquid concentrated detergent created by FLP – and we’ve just made it better than ever! Our 2X Ultra formula is even more concentrated to take your cleaning that much further.
Forever Aloe Scrub: Face Peeling For Face And Body (With Microspheres Of Jojoba)
2,046.00 KSh 2,046.00 KSh 2046.0 KES
Unlike other scrubs that use sharp, harsh ingredients, Forever Aloe Scrub uses microspheres of jojoba for a gentle cleansing experience. As they roll, these jojoba spheres pick up dead skin cells and clear the way for fresh, newer skin below.
Forever Epiblanc: Brighten Corrector & Diminish Dark Spots Treatment
2,556.00 KSh 2,556.00 KSh 2556.0 KES
Tackle uneven skin tone with Forever Epiblanc. Pure aloe vera gel, vitamin E and natural botanicals work to improve your complexion, even skin tone and combat blemishes and dark spots. The result is even skin tone and younger looking skin that feels great.